We had special wishes for a special trip, our way of celebrating our 35th anniversary with the children. Not too long/not too short, not too far/not too close, adventure/luxury/relaxing holiday, affordable but not ‘cheap’ and last but not least, not dime a dozen. And... Yes, those dates please (give or take a day)! Sapa Pana Travel listened and a week later came back to us with 2 propositions that both suited our wishes. The biggest problem in all this was choosing between them. Sometimes it happens that the brochure is better than reality; not on this fantastic trip. It had been taken care of in the most minute detail from beginning to the end, wonderful hosts, no nasty surprises and what a beautiful country! Compliments to Sapa Pana Travel for a magnificent trip. Your knowledge and expertise in South and Central America and most of all the personal attention make this an unforgettable experience.
Berlijn family

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

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