After quite a few wanderings across the globe it was our dream to visit Antarctica. February 2008 this finally happened. Via Ushuaia, where we played a game of golf on the southernmost golf course in the world, we travelled to our goal on a Russian icebreaker. The Drake Passage was tough, but the reward is immense!! With the zodiac we came very close to the sea lions, sea elephants, seals, penguins and not to forget entire schools of whales. The ice fields with its many colours were indescribably beautiful. We had prepared ourselves for extreme cold, but it wasn’t that bad, we had quite a few hours of sun. After this breathtaking experience we travelled on to Argentina and Brazil. All in all we were travelling for a whole month. Thanks to Sapa Pana Travel’s preparation we really had the holiday of a lifetime. We didn’t lack a thing. On the photo you can see us aboard the icebreaker, where the chef had some mulled wine for us after our last journey in the zodiac.
Leen and Jolanda Fransen



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