Brazil, versatile and colourful with extremely friendly people. Great cities and stunningly varied nature. 

Van Reijen
Van Reijen

We started in Sao Paulo, which has more inhabitants than the Netherlands. It has a lot of skyscrapers but also cosy areas such as Vila Madelene. Shopping is good and the restaurants are amazing! After that we went to the Pantanal, a swamp nature reserve with caimans, otters, capybara’s, birds and piranha’s. If you can slow down anywhere, it’s here. Experiencing the beautiful sun rises and sunsets is a must. After that we went to Foz de Iguacu, the breathtaking waterfalls. On to Rio with all its beaches, Christ the Redeemer and endless views. Seeing where the carnival happens, eating wonderful food and drinking caipirinha’s. To end it all we went south, to Ponta Dos Ganchos which comes very close to heaven when the weather’s right. Everything had been arranged very well, from the domestic flights to the restaurant reservations. Always a quick answer when we emailed with a question. Enjoying and experiencing only, and that we did.
Arend & Yolande


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