Buenos Aires, the Paris of the southern hemisphere...

  • Buenos Aires | Jardin Botanico
    Buenos Aires | Jardin Botanico

  • Buenos Aires | Teatro Colon
    Buenos Aires | Teatro Colon

  • Buenos Aires | Reserva Ecologica
    Buenos Aires | Reserva Ecologica

  • Plaza de Mayo with Casa Rosada (1894)
    Plaza de Mayo with Casa Rosada (1894)

    Casa Rosada is the presidential palace

  • Buenos Aires | Cementerio de la Recoleta
    Buenos Aires | Cementerio de la Recoleta

  • Buenos Aires | La Boca & Tango
    Buenos Aires | La Boca & Tango

  • Buenos Aires |
    Buenos Aires |

    The La Boca neighborhood. Nice car!

  • Buenos Aires | Avenida Libertador
    Buenos Aires | Avenida Libertador

Buenos Aires is without a doubt the most European capitol of South America!

Buenos Aires’s golden age was between 1880 and 1920. At that point in time Argentina was one of the 10 most prosperous countries in the world. Many (South) Europeans made their way to Buenos Aires hoping for a better existence. Their South European heritage and the atmosphere of their birthplace can still be found in the areas they settled in upon arrival. The old working-class area of La Boca, where most inhabitants have Italian roots, still breathes the exuberant South Italian culture. When you walk through the idyllic small lanes, you will believe you are in Naples.

The San Telmo area is characterized by the Tango and the stunning antique shops. This is one of the older areas of Buenos Aires. It is a wonderful historical part of town with beautiful colonial buildings. The most important square in this area is the Plaza Dorrego. It’s very much worth visiting the Sunday morning antique market here!

The areas of Palermo, Retiro and Recolate make up the most prosperous and most expensive residential and business areas of Buenos Aires. Here you’ll find magnificent houses from 1900 built in the French style. Bosques de Palermo is a green island in the city, about 400 hectares, where both young and old enjoy themselves (especially in the weekends). They play polo here too. The trendy Palermo area is also called Palermo Soho at times, named after the famous Soho area in New York, USA.

The ‘Avenida 9 de Julio’ is a wonderful lane that runs straight through the city and has been the widest street in the world since 1936. The street is about 140 metres wide!

  • Legado Mitico, Buenos Aires

    Legado Mitico - Argentina

    Beautiful small scale accommodation. All 11 rooms have their own theme, such as famous Argentinans as ‘Che’ Guevara and Eva Maria Duarte de Perón. 

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  • Alvear Palace, Buenos Aires

    Alvear Palace - Argentina

    This hotel is one of the oldest and most prominent accommodations in South America. 

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  • Miravida Soho, Argentina

    Miravida Soho - Argentina

    Miravida Soho is a small charming European-style boutique hotel located in Palermo Soho.

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  • Algodon Mansion - Buenos Aires

    Algodon Mansion - Argentina

    A small luxury boutique hotel in the elegant neighborhood of Recoleta.

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  • Home Hotel

    Home Hotel - Argentina

    The Home hotel is located in Palermo Hollywood. It's the first boutique hotel in this area. The name of the hotel is Home, because the hotel has the objective that you will soon feel at …

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  • Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau

    Palacio Duhau - Argentina

    Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires invites you to immerse in an undiscovered Buenos Aires for a memorable experience. Hidden corners of the beautiful city, secrets from the local culture …

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  • Faena Hotel & Universe, Buenos Aires

    Faena Hotel - Argentina

    This hotel is situated in the heart of the stylish area of Puerto Madero. Once an impoverished harbour area, but now the most hip and stylish area in the city. 

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  • Argentina combined with Brazil and Antarctica

    Soon more...

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  • With a thundering roar the light blue ice pans fell into the azure blue water...

    A great journey...

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  • Vercauteren

    Travelling with our 2 children, we enjoyed it tremendously!

    For the second time we visited South America with the whole family Sapa Pana Travel took care of the whole trip. We enjoyed it tremendously!

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  • La Puna Argentinië

    Van La Puna naar de Atacama woestijn

    Al meerdere keren zijn wij met Sapa Pana Travel op reis geweest. Dus toen we het idee hadden om de Atacama woestijn in Chili te bezoeken hebben weer contact gezocht.  Sapa Pana Travel adviseerde …

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  • Great planning and expertise of Johan and his team!

    Soon more...

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  • Salentein

    You guys know their way around in America del Sur!

    Soon more...

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  • What a magnificent adventure this trip!

    Soon more...

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  • We enjoyed a carefree journey by car through beautiful South America!

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  • We love this photo! Thanks Loes & Ton.

    A fantastic trip, excellent carried out by Sapa Pana Travel and partners!

    Soon more...

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  • The trip was perfect organized by Sapa Pana Travel!

    Soon more...

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  • © Schembri Wismayer - Lenicker

    It was really an unique , unforgetable experience. A feast for all the senses!

    Hi Johan, I have been wanting to write to say  a big thank you for organising such a fantastic holiday for  Mark and  myself in Argentina and Chili last autumn. 

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  • Nearly 10.000 miles together in a car; laugh , cry and comfort each other, but mostly enjoying to the fullest!

    Soon more...

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  • Great photo!

    The third and most spectacular pole of the world

    The most famous glacier in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, the Perito Moreno has captured a special place in our hearts. 

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  • Antarctica

    We're still thrilling after this trip!

    Dear Johan, hereby our travelogue; Argentina, Chile and Antarctica. We're still thrilling after this trip, in particular thanks to the Antarctica part.

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  • Thanks for this great photo!

    Fantastically organized this trip!

    We made a fantastic tour through Argentina, over 3 weeks long. 

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  • Our trip through Chile and Argentina had many highlights...

    ...and one of them was the trip through Patagonia, where we took the boat along the Balmaceda glacier (see photo). 

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  • Holm - van Buul family travelling in Argentina

    Dream vacation to Argentina with our daughter!

    Soon more...

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  • Pieter & Karla thanks, great photo!

    Argentina’s diversity...

    Sapa Pana Travel’s strength is listening to our wishes and preparing an itinerary attuned to our wishes. 

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  • With our Volvo we drove 10.000 miles through South America.

    Soon more...

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  • A super holiday, thanks to Sapa Pana Travel’s knowledge and organization!

    Super holiday in Chile and Argentina with Sapa Pana Travel. We went to Chile and Argentina for four weeks.

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