Speaking of authenticity .... this place dates back to 1909! The atmosphere here is unique, special, truly here you are impressed with what you'll find and above all you'll find yourself back in bygone simpler times.

  • Narbona Wine Lodge
    Narbona Wine Lodge

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  • Sauvignon Blanc room
    Sauvignon Blanc room

  • Rosé room
    Rosé room

  • Viognier room
    Viognier room

  • Pinot Noir room
    Pinot Noir room

  • Tannat room
    Tannat room

  • Asado

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Narbona Wine Lodge embodies the best that Carmelo has to offer. Being here without staying at or visiting Narbona is almost a sin. The lodge is located approximately 15 kilometers from Carmelo. Near the busy city, but at the same time light years, well it seems, away from everything. A wonderful location for 'tranquility'!

Dating back to 1909 it still has many of its original architecture. On the estate you'll even find original vehicles and agricultural machinery from this time period. Unique black and white photographs in the only five boutique hotel rooms gives you a good impression of the rich history of Narbona. All rooms are spacious with plenty of natural light. Some rooms have a balcony or patio from where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset over the vineyards. Even though the rooms are with many authentic features, they are all equipped with modern amenities, including a king-size bed, air conditioning, LCD TV, CD player and free Wi-Fi.

Although this is a wonderful tranquil location, you don't have to get bored here. The lodge has bicycles for a bike tour along the wineries in the area. You can go horseback riding, play polo or play golf at the nearby Carmelo Golf Club. A 'sunset' boattrip, kayaking or sailing on the river also belongs to the possibilities. The Narbona Wine Lodge has its own outdoor pool where you can swim and/or just lounge. The Hyatt Resort Carmelo, located just down the Ruta 21 (10 minutes by car) has a beautiful Spa where you can book a treatment if you wish.

Last but not least!
Enjoy the fantastic unpretentious dishes from the restaurant of your hotel.... They serve lovely salads, soups, wood-fired pizzas, local meats, homemade pasta and many more delicacies. Everything is accompanied by award winning house wines and the finishing touch are the decadent desserts. Almost all the ingredients are locally grown. The dairy products (delicious!) are produced in the own Narbona farm.
The restaurant is housed in a century-old, beautifully restored, shop with a lovely terrace. Also non-hotel visitors will visit this restaurant. The setting is very romantic and with a great atmosphere. Here everything is just right; life slows down and you are more open to appreciate even more, through all the senses.

Did you know that the owner of the Narbona Wine Lodge, owns besides two restaurants (one at the lodge and one in Punta del Este), a bodega, a dairy, a harbor and the beautiful Hyatt Carmelo resort property? Everything is well thought out as this lodge, all of high standard. Enjoy !!

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