For years I wanted to learn Spanish in preparation of my trip to South America and lifelong I dreamed of Antarctica...
After returning to the Netherlands Johan asked us to write a short review for the Sapa Pana Travel website. That's a problem: a short... review... 

Huilo Huilo waterfall, during the night walk 'salto nocturne'
Huilo Huilo waterfall, during the night walk 'salto nocturne'

It was a great trip, an unique experience. Our honeymoon brought us to Santiago de Chile, the lake district with her unique National Parks and even the most Southern region of Chile and Argentina, to Antarctica and back via Buenos Aires.
We travelled by car, slept in nostalgic and design, cosy, large and small hotels, we saw different landscapes every day, drove spectacular routes, crossed borders, drove from one to another nature reserve and we've met very friendly and helpful people. Volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, untouched forests en well preserved, everything felt very welcoming. Great architecture, primitive and modern works of art. Delicious food and very delicious wines.

In our point of view the 7 Lakes route, including the Huilo Huilo natural reserve, and after that our visit to Torres del Paine were he highlights of our trip. We would have liked it to stay there somewhat longer.

Finally we travelled to Ushuaia to go on board of our expeditiecruise to Antarctica! What a beautiful pure impressions we got here! The continent of ice and rocks! How impressive, thsee icebergs floating in the shalow water and then those colors..., the oh so funny penguins, the other water animals on the rocky beaches taking their time after a meal... The huge albatrosses and other strange birds, which accompanied us large parts of the trip. 

We have enjoyed it so much! We felt welcome, so many people ready to assist us during this unique journey with this amazing route. We felt spoiled by the attention we got. We did nothing more than 'only' ; travel, look, listen, smell and enjoy. All the impressions of our journey are collected and will continue in our stories and in our thoughts!  

Team Sapa Pana, thank you so much for the perfect organization of our dream trip.
Mr. and Mrs. de Louwere-Coppelmans