Costa Rica, la pura vida!

  • red-eyed tree frog
    red-eyed tree frog

    red-eyed tree frog

  • Canopy

    For bungee jumping, but also eg canopy, in the cloud forest and rain forest of Costa Rica are several possibilities. Among others in the Monteverde region.

  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

  • Manuel Antonio
    Manuel Antonio

    This cute squirrel monkey can be found in the Manuel Antonio National Park.

  • Arenal

    Crater lake

  • American crocodile
    American crocodile

    Previously hunted because he could be dangerous. Nowadays accidents rarely happen.

  • Arenal volcano
    Arenal volcano

    Volcano crater

  • Tortuguero

    In Costa Rica, turtles lay their eggs on land in various places like Playa Grande and Tortuguero.

  • Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

  • Plumed basilisk
    Plumed basilisk

    Basiliscus plumifrons, also called a green basilisk, double crested basilisk, or Jesus Christ lizard.

Costa Rica is famous worldwide for its incredibly beautiful nature and that’s why it’s an absolute must for nature lovers. The country is extremely green and consists mostly of well accessible jungle.

Costa Rice borders on Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the south. On its west coast Costa Rica has the Pacific ocean and on the east coast the Caribbean coast. A chain of mountains and volcanoes runs straight through the country. The geology of the country with its different heights and the warm, moist climate has created an unequalled biodiversity. Costa Rica has cloud forests, tropical rainforests, mangrove forests and savannah-like dry forests.

In Costa Rica live over 200 species of mammals, about 830 species of birds and 400 species of reptiles, 74 of which lizards, 131 kinds of snakes and 134 species of frogs. Furthermore there are 560 registered species of butterflies.

Costa Rica is only slightly bigger than the Netherlands and because of the American influence it is very stable and safe politically. This is why it’s a good country to travel in with children and perfectly suitable to explore with a rental car. We highly recommend ending your trip through Costa Rica on one of the many heavenly beaches this country has to offer.

  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica, what a great experience!

    We had special wishes for a special trip, our way of celebrating our 35th anniversary with the children. Not too long/not too short, not too far/not too close, adventure/luxury/relaxing holiday, …

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