A luxury individual trip to Peru is not complete unless you have visited the former Inca capitol of Cuzco.

  • Cuzco | Kathedraal
    Cuzco | Kathedraal

    Beautiful cathedral!

  • Friendly locals
    Friendly locals

    © Thijs Heslenfeld

  • Cuzco | Sacsayhuaman
    Cuzco | Sacsayhuaman

    Inca site (3701 m) on the northern outskirts of Cuzco. Large polished dry-stone walls. Each boulder was carefully cut, fit together tightly without mortar. Unesco World Heritage since 1983.

  • Lively square
    Lively square

    This picture was taken during the Volvo Classics Panamericana 2011/12 © Thijs Heslenfeld

  • Welcomed during car trip
    Welcomed during car trip

    This picture was taken during the Volvo Classics Panamericana 2011/12 © Thijs Heslenfeld

  • Strike a pose...
    Strike a pose...

    Even the Peruvians were impressed by the Volvo Classics Panamericana :-) © Thijs Heslenfeld

  • Vinicunca |
    Vinicunca |

Before the Europeans arrived this was where the enormous Inca Empire was ruled from. When the Spaniards conquered the city they broke down the old palaces and built their own colonial palaces on the foundations. This is why the city has a special mix of colonial and pre-Columbian architecture.

Strolling along through the typical centre you will believe you have gone back in time. We recommend staying in the old centre, so you can walk to all the attractions. Visit the lovely Plaza de Armas, with the Cathedral and the Jesuit church situated right next to it. Have a cup of coffee in one of the little cafe’s up on the arcade surrounding the plaza and take in the varied array of smells and colours. Cuzco is mythical... experience it for yourself!


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  • El Mercado Tunqui - Peru

    El Mercado Tunqui - Peru

    Charming boutique hotel in Cuzco, that opened end 2013

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  • JW Marriot - Cuzco

    JW Marriot - Peru

    The luxurious JW Marriot hotel is located in the former 16th century monastery of San Agustin, which was built on the ancient Inca ruins.

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  • La Casona

    La Casona - Peru

    An especially beautiful luxurious boutique hotel situated at the Plaza de las Nazarenas, in the historical centre of the city of Cuzco. The hotel, established in a national monument, has been built …

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  • Palacio Nazarenas

    Palacio Nazarenas - Peru

    A former palace and convent particularly beautiful restored to one of the most exclusive hotels in Cuzco.

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  • Monasterio - Peru

    This hotel is truly one of the most beautiful accommodations in South America. Hotel Monasterio was originally built as a monastery in 1592.

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  • Van Veldhuizen

    We had a great trip!

    We booked our trip to Peru via Sapa Pana Travel and we are very happy with that!

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  • Van der Zanden

    Machu Picchu, the highlight of our holiday!

    We had a beautiful trip to Peru! We were very pleased with the hotels, especially the Machu Picchu Pueblo hotel was an absolute hit. 

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  • What a magnificent adventure this trip!

    Soon more...

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  • Great photo! Thanks Henk & Imke.

    South Peru, what a joy!

    Thanks to the great preparation from Sapa Pana Travel we had our dream holiday, we’ve seen a lot and we were still well rested. 

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  • Reisferentie Haak

    Surrounded by mysterious morning mist and almost no tourists!

    The Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel was very special, it’s good to know that part of the earnings go straight back into nature. 

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  • With our Volvo we drove 10.000 miles through South America.

    Soon more

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  • Thanks to you, your team and local partner, we very enjoyed our holiday in Peru!

    Hello Johan, we are back again! Everything was very well organised during our holiday!

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  • Briels

    A beautiful, colourful country with kind people

    Dear Sapa Pana Travel, last November we (my daughter Alexandra and I) had a fantastic trip through Peru. We took hundreds of photos and we’re sending you a small selection. 

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    Onze reis door Peru en Panama

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  • Nearly 10.000 miles together in a car; laugh , cry and comfort each other, but mostly enjoying to the fullest!

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  • Thanks for this beautiful and unforgettable journey!

    Our trip to Peru was wonderful. The Inca-trail was my particular highlight, a great guide, food, Inca buildings and a wonderful group as well. The group often complimented me on the fact that I, 55 …

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  • We enjoyed a carefree journey by car through beautiful South America!

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  • Van den Boom_488

    Thanks for the great trip!

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  • Great planning and expertise of Johan and his team!

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