Two holidays in little over two weeks seems far too little time, but it still felt more like a month. In Ecuador we first explored the cloud forest, Mindo, and then the rain forest, two hours by boat across the river from Coca. We’re great lovers of nature so we were really in heaven here. Especially the Amazon basin is, despite increasing habitation, still incredibly beautiful and largely untouched. The accommodation was pleasant with very nice guides. After that a completely different holiday at Galapagos; a unique place where you literally walk and swim amongst the animals. Especially the combination of walking along the islands and snorkelling along the coast was an unforgettable experience. The boat Nemo was well equipped and the crew was very helpful. All in all it was a wonderful holiday. Thank you Sapa Pana Travel!
Seger Breaugelmans & Marije van Amelsvoort

Ervaring Ecuador
Ervaring Ecuador


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