Which animals you may see during your Antarctica trip?

  • King Penguin Antarctica
    King Penguin Antarctica

  • Seal Elefant
    Seal Elefant

  • Leopard Seal Antarctica
    Leopard Seal Antarctica

  • Penguin Antarctica
    Penguin Antarctica

  • humpback whale Antarctica
    humpback whale Antarctica

  • Seal Leopard Antarctica
    Seal Leopard Antarctica

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  • Tempelers

    Antarctica combined with Argentina and Uruguay

    Despite a very thorough preparation we were still ‘taken by surprise’ by the wild Drake shake!! Touching penguins and whales combined with breathtaking glaciers and icebergs were …

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  • Antarctica

    We are more than extremely satisfied with what we have experienced and what you have organized for us!

    Dear Sapa Pana Travel team, it took a while, but now finally we're responding to your card with a review of our trip. The family van Leusden, with whom we have made this trip, …

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  • Wijbenga

    Antarctica combined with Chile and Argentina

    Good morning, our trip was fantastic and memorable. Everything went right, for which our compliments.  The highlight of course was Antarctica.

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  • Terberg

    Antarctica combined with Chile and Argentina

    In January 2008 we took an unforgettable trip to Patagonia and Antarctica with our family. Sapa Pana Travel organized the trip for us and everything had been taken care of. We really enjoyed the …

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  • Antarctica combined with Argentina and Brazil

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  • Wijns

    Antarctica combined with Argentina

    Dear Johan and team, Thank you very much for the great organisation of my trip to Antarctica. I enjoyed it very much, and I’ve attached a few photos. We had reasonable to good weather, 1 day of …

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  • Berger

    Antarctica combined with Chile and Easter Island

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  • Kopp

    Antarctica combined with Argentina

    I would like to say we had an EXTREMELY beautiful, interesting and well organized trip! We highly recommend it! The boat trip was absolutely marvellous and very well taken care of; the food was …

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  • Rachman-Boijenk

    Antarctica in combination with Argentina and Chile

    Right now we are back home for more than 10 days, but still we're enjoying a lot the memories of our trip to South America and Antarctica!

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  • Fransen

    Antarctica combined with Argentina and Brazil

    After quite a few wanderings across the globe it was our dream to visit Antarctica. February 2008 this finally happened. Via Ushuaia, where we played a game of golf on the southernmost golf course in …

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  • Bentvelsen

    Antarctica combined with Chile

    We started our extraordinary journey in the south of Chile. In the Torres del Paine National Park we took the boat to the Grey Glacier. We thoroughly enjoyed all the beauty. After a week we prepared …

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