‘The land of eternal spring’


    Guatemala, alma de la tierra

  • Tikal

    The ancient Mayan city of Tikal was discovered in the 18th century and excavated and studied since 1881. The total area of ​​the Tikal National Park is 576 km2.

  • Atitlán

    Atitlán is a volcanic lake surrounded by three volcanoes on the southern shore and a mountain of 1,000 meters on the north shore.

  • Antigua

    A beautiful colonial town. Around this town are three volcanoes that provide a beautiful picture moment at any time of the day.

  • Friendly locals
    Friendly locals

    in Chajul

  • Local market
    Local market

    Street scene

  • Rio Dulce
    Rio Dulce

    The Rio Dulce 'sweet river' is located in the Izabal region.

  • Rio Dulce
    Rio Dulce


    In 1997, San Andres Itzapa, the Maya Pedal Association started recycling bicycles Bicimáquinas, including pedal powered mixers. This reduces the need for fuel and electricity. Video with English subtitles.

‘The land of eternal spring’, this is what Guatemala is also called because of its pleasant climate. Did you know that Guatemala is also one of the most colourful countries in the world, especially because of its colourful Maya culture? Its special traditional dress still dominates the street scene in many towns.

Guatemala is also home to a diverse flora and fauna; tropical rainforest in the northern Petén region, rough mountain chains and volcanoes in the south with stunning highlands and the Caribbean in the east of the country. The especially friendly Guatemalans would love to show you all this!

Guatemala Highlands

The Guatemalan highlands are often referred to as ‘the real Guatemala’. The Maya population that lives here still strongly adheres to the customs and traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. Especially interesting is a visit to one of the many small villages that have markets a couple of times a week. A good example is the market in San Fransisco el Alto, which is said to be the most authentic market in Guatemala. San Andres Xecul; ‘underneath the blanket’, is known for its cheerfully decorated church in the middle of the market. Almolonga; ‘the place where the water springs’, has been famed for its vegetables and fruit for centuries. In the Huehuetenango department, in Guatemala’s northwest, you’ll find the country’s most isolated villages; Todos Santos de Cuchumatán. This isolation from the rest of the country has contributed to the conservation of most Maya traditions.

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