Jericoacoara is an idyllic place away from the hurried modern world. It is considered as one of the best places in the world to stand up surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing. 

  • Lençois Maranhences |
    Lençois Maranhences |

  • Lençois Maranhences |
    Lençois Maranhences |

  • Jericoacoara | Welcome!
    Jericoacoara | Welcome!

  • Jericoacoara | Pedra Furada
    Jericoacoara | Pedra Furada

  • Delta do Parnaíba |
    Delta do Parnaíba |

  • Jericoacoara | Arvore da preguiça
    Jericoacoara | Arvore da preguiça

    Arvore da preguiça

  • Jericoacoara |
    Jericoacoara |

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  • Rancho do Peixe | Welcome!

    Rancho do Peixe - Brazil

    Pousada Rancho do Peixe is a haven of peace, located next to the village of Jericoacoara and approximately 300 km from Fortaleza. A good choice when you looking for tranquility in a natural …

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  • Casa de Santo Antõnio - Delta do Parnaíba

    Casa de Santo Antônio - Brazil

    This hotel is situated near the beginning of the Delta do Parnaíba. It is located in a restored building, which was built in the beginning of the 20th century.

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  • Pousada Vila Kalango | Jericoacoara

    Pousada Vila Kalango - Brazil

    Welcome to the most beautiful curve of Brazil, time to slow down. On one side you will find the dunes, on the other side the sunset and in between a beautiful meeting point, called Vila …

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  • Casa de São José | Camocim

    Casa de São Jose - Brazil

    Casa de São José is a historic hotel located in the centre of the fishing village Camocim. This city is located on the coast. It is a colonial hotel, feel the past times.

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  • Van Reijen

    If you can slow down anywhere, it’s here!

    Brazil, versatile and colourful with extremely friendly people. Great cities and stunningly varied nature. 

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  • Bekelaar

    Brazil, land of unprecedented possibilities

    Brazil, land of unprecedented possibilities. Whale watching in Parai do Rosa, the helicopter flight over Iguaçu Falls, the beaches of Rio, looking for the jaguar in the Pantanal and …

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  • Brazil in combination with Argentina and Antarctica

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  • Studieclub Boskoop

    Successful study trip through South America

    A group of 25 tree-nursery men and interested persons took a tour through Brazil and Ecuador from 27 October until 7 November. Aim of the trip was to gain insight in what is going on in these …

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  • Wellen

    Our honeymoon to Brazil & Argentina was a dream!

    In Brazil we visited some very different places in two weeks, places that showed the versatility of this gigantic vibrant country: picturesque Picinguaba, dancing Paraty, dazzling Rio and the grass …

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  • Vreedenburgh

    Unexpectedly eye to eye with a couple of shy Indians in the Atlantic rainforest...

    Before sunrise in the Pantanal wilderness on a wooden watchtower, along with a family of howler monkeys, we watched the sun rise... Unexpectedly coming eye to eye with a couple of shy Indians in the …

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  • Reisferentie Van der Torren

    Pure enjoyment at the Brazilian Costa Verde

    The most beautiful thing we’ve done is taking a tour on a luxury private yacht, led by two utterly friendly Brazilians, along the coast of one of Brazil’s most stunning nature reserves. …

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