The Vira Vira hotel is special! Besides a stunning luxury hotel, with a very pleasant atmosphere, on the estate is a splendid dairy farm. The dairy products produced here are used in the fantastic local dishes which are served in the hotel. 

  • Vira Vira
    Vira Vira

  • Villa Suite
    Villa Suite

  • Villa Suite
    Villa Suite

  • Rio Liucura
    Rio Liucura

  • Hacienda room
    Hacienda room

  • Bathroom Hacienda room
    Bathroom Hacienda room

  • Enjoy the breakfast!
    Enjoy the breakfast!

  • Relax!

  • Hotel Suite
    Hotel Suite

  • Culinary enjoyment....
    Culinary enjoyment....

The Vira Vira hotel opened in October 2014. Several national parks and volcanoes such as Villarrica, Lanin and Ouetrupillan are very close, making the surroundings of this hotel breathtakingly beautiful! Besides spotting wildlife here, you can also relax on the riverside of the tranquil river Liucura. The city of Pucon is located not far from the hotel, thus a perfect base for excursions and / or a route with your (rental) car.

The hotel has only 21 rooms; three different types. There are rooms in the main building, rooms and suites on the river and in the hacienda. The rooms at the hacienda are perfect for families. Unique of the Villa Suites is the outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the river Liucura. Imagine this in the evening, a magnificent view on the many beautiful stars.

The Vira Vira hotel offers more than 25 tours and activities. Some examples are; trekking, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, fishing and skiing. All activities are included when you are booked on all-inclusive basis, including full board. You can also choose to stay half-board, than these excursions are not included. Excursions can be booked at the hotel in addition if wished. 

The restaurant of the hotel offers international cuisine and of course a mix of local produce and ingredients produced in the farm on the estate!

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