"Colors, spaces, healthy eating and magical silence ...." 
The Ki Chic hotel is an eco-hotel with vergetarische philosophy, situated directly on the beach, about 5 kilometers from Mancora town. 

  • ki Chic Mancora
    ki Chic Mancora

  • on the beach
    on the beach

  • Feel at home
    Feel at home

  • Cheers!

  • All rooms with seaview :-)
    All rooms with seaview :-)

  • A Spa, a pool, yoga, what do you need more?
    A Spa, a pool, yoga, what do you need more?

  • Vegetarian kitchen
    Vegetarian kitchen

  • Service with a smile!
    Service with a smile!

  • Barefoot luxury, we love it!
    Barefoot luxury, we love it!

  • From here you don't want to leave... Enjoy!
    From here you don't want to leave... Enjoy!

The word Ki means in old Japanese; energy or universal life force. The word Chic stands for; sophistication, style, taste, creativity and culture. In summary, Ki Chic is the balance between matter and spirit, the personality and the soul, to achieve the perfect balance in our daily lives. 

In January 2014 Ki Chic was opened by Christina (Kiki) Gallo, a travel-loving Peruvian artist. She transformed her own house into this exclusive small bohemian style hotel. A unique place where you soon will feel 'Home'. The hotel has 9 rooms only (6 with  sea view).

Did you know Mario Testino also stayed here once? This region, ánd this hotel, is a hot spot for the Peruvian jetset.

On the website of KiChic one writes; 

For whom is KiChic? 
For anyone who needs a change in Their routine. 
For those looking for an encounter with themelves. 
To enjoy wild spaces. 
For those seeking relaxation and tranquility 
And for lovers of nature.


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