It doesn't happen too often that you can sleep at the home of a former president .... Zuleta is a wonderful Hacienda, owned by the Galo Plaza family. Galo Plaza was president of Ecuador from 1948 to 1952. 

  • Patio Árbol
    Patio Árbol

  • One family through ages....
    One family through ages....

  • Main living room
    Main living room

  • Deluxe room
    Deluxe room

  • Deluxe room
    Deluxe room

  • Zuleta Cheese
    Zuleta Cheese

  • Horse riding!
    Horse riding!

  • Páramo

  • Wow, a rainbow!
    Wow, a rainbow!

  • Standard room
    Standard room

The Hacienda is located between 2870 and 3050 metres above sea level in the North of Ecuador, about 110 km (2 hours) North of Quito. Located on the Equator this area has a mild climate the year round. The temperature during the day is 20-25 degrees Celcius with low humidity. During a clear night it can be pretty cool; then it is lovely to sit in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of tea! January to June is characterized by sunny days with an occasional spring-like shower. The landscape is lush and green during this period. July and August are usually dry and you'll have the biggest chance to enjoy the magnificent view of the surrounding volcanoes. September to december offers pleasant weather with occasional showers.

This Hacienda is still in operation as fully fledged livestock/farm, on an immense estate. Here they produce a wide range of products, including 5.000 litres of milk per day, cheeses, barley, quinoa, potatoes, wheat, artichokes, organic vegetables, humus and wood. On the farm there is a diversity of livestock, including cows, sheep and horses.

About 10 years ago, the family opened the Hacienda for a limited number of tourists. They started of with the standard rooms in the main building. Beautifully decorated rooms and some have access to a patio. Recently, they completely renovated another wing of the Hacienda into beautiful Deluxe rooms. These rooms are more spacious with more light and almost all with a private terrace. 

What kind of activities are available here?

Of course, this is a wonderful place to recover from the pace of everyday life. The family is very hospitable and will make every effort to make a pleasant relaxing stay possible. This Hacienda is also a great starting point to explore the rest of the area.

On the immense estate there is a trail of about 60 km, for hiking, bird watching and/or mountain biking. There is also a fish pond and even Inca archaeology is present on the estate! Here you'll find the largest and best preserved archaeological sites of the Caranqui culture. There are approximately 132 small earthen walls from the year 700 AD and 5 large square truncated pyramids of 1200 AD.

Horse riding in this area is also phenomenal, there are beautiful routes available here and great horses!

Andean Condor Huasi Project

Unique! Hacienda Zuleta has received national and international recognition for their efforts in preserving the Andean condor bird of Ecuador. This condor rehabilitation project is approximately 5 km from the main building of the Hacienda and it's definitely worth the walk or cycle during your stay. Condor Huasi is beautifully situated in a valley and surrounded by native forest. Condor Huasi in Ecuador is the only licensed place for reproduction and releasing the condor bird. At the Condor Huasi Project 8 condors are lving in captivity and with some luck, in the proximity of the project, you will see some wild condors flying or maybe even descend upon the aviary.