Normally, we explore a country by bicycle. After travelling through Asia, Europe and Oceania we were looking for a new challenge, but it soon became clear to us that it wouldn’t be by bike. 

Our next trip would go to South America. We chose Peru, the country of Llama’s, Inca’s, the Andes and of course the condor. A country with a very long history that is unknown to most of us.

Amongst other things, Johan had organized the four day Inca-trail for us. Four days of walking, sweating it out and enjoying the Andes. The Inca-trail leads the hiker through incredibly beautiful landscapes and views and past several Inca ruins. The goal is to reach the lost city of Machu Picchu. The moment we saw the lost city we knew why we’d been walking all those days. It is unimaginably beautiful, a real wonder of the world.

We enjoyed our trip in Peru tremendously and would like to thank Johan again for this beautiful and unforgettable journey.

Esther & Michel Poels


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