You can see the snow on the Andes from every part of town...

  • Santiago |
    Santiago |

    With the Andes in the background

  • Santiago | Plaza de Armas
    Santiago | Plaza de Armas

  • Santiago | La Moneda
    Santiago | La Moneda

    The Presidential Palace

  • Santiago |
    Santiago |

    Beautiful churches!

  • Santiago |
    Santiago |

    Historical and modern

Santiago, the capitol of Chile, lies on an altitude of 522 metres. Santiago was founded by Pedro de Valdivia on 12 February 1541. He called the city ‘Santiago de Nueva Extremadura’ at the time. Pedro de Valdivia chose this location because of the climate and the ease with which the city could be defended from there.

Santiago has a Mediterranean climate. Hot, dry summers (November to March) with temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius. The winters (June to August) are soft with maxima of 15 degrees Celsius.  

The Chilean capitol is a modern metropolis with 5.5 million inhabitants. From Santiago the best skiing resorts are only a short drive away, but the same goes for the most important seaside resorts in the country. Santiago is a safe city, with a number of attractive areas such as Providencia,  Bellavista and Vitacura. 

  • The Aubrey Hotel - Santiago

    The Aubrey Hotel - Chile

    This romantic boutique hotel is located in the bohemian district of Bellavista.

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  • 62 beautiful rooms in the historical heart of Santiago

    Singular - Santiago - Chile

    Beautiful hotel that opened in the fall of 2014, located in the Lastarria neighborhood.

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  • Hotel Ritz Carlton, Santiago

    Hotel Ritz Carlton - Chile

    This exclusive hotel is the best hotel in the Chilean capitol. The accommodation lies in the beautiful residential area of Las Condes, with the better restaurants of Santiago within walking distance.

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  • Orly hotel, Santiago

    Orly hotel - Chile

    Hotel Orly is a small, attractive hotel that lies in the pleasant Providencia area. Just outside the hotel is the metro station, from which you can go to all the different parts of town.

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  • Lastarria Boutique Hotel - Chile

    Lastarria Boutique Hotel - Chile

    This hotel was originally a house built in 1927 and offers comfort, design and style in every room!

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  • W Hotel, Santiago

    W hotel - Chile

    The stylish W Hotel has a swimming pool on the roof (21st floor) and has luxurious rooms. The hotel is situated central in the city, with a panoramic view of the Andes.

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  • Hotel Cumbres Lastarria - Santiago

    Hotel Cumbres Lastarria - Chile

    This hotel is located in the trendy district of Lastarria, in the heart of the city centre of Santiago, where a number of cosy bars, restaurants and trendy nightlife can be found.

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  • HC managers

    Post academic UvT trip

    We travelled to Chile with 20 colleagues in light of our post academic education as care manager at the UvT. Besides having a taste of this beautiful and varied country our aim was to learn more …

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  • Reisferentie Verbeek

    Patagonia, you’re so beautiful it’s a waste to go to sleep.

    We were the only guests in the hotel. Ripped from the group and raced to the hotel with a zodiac. No electricity, no warm water, our own wood-burning stove, friendly service and good food (including …

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  • With our Volvo we drove 10.000 miles through South America.

    Soon more.

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  • Nearly 10.000 miles together in a car; laugh , cry and comfort each other, but mostly enjoying to the fullest!

    Soon more...

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  • Lahoije

    A special place in the wine region at the end of a beautiful journey ...

    Soon more...

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  • Reisferentie De Vries

    Our trip through Chile and Argentina had many highlights...

    ...and one of them was the trip through Patagonia, where we took the boat along the Balmaceda glacier (see photo) and then (by recommendation of Sapa Pana Travel) we changed over to a Zodiac for a 2 …

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  • Reisferentie van Eck

    Our visit to stunning Chile was great!

    Beautiful nature, varying climates, wonderful accommodations, overwhelming attractions. Everything had been taken care of WONDERFULLY, also thanks to the great cooperation with the Chilean agency …

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  • Great planning and expertise of Johan and his team!

    Soon more...

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  • Hondius

    Three months of travelling, mostly through Chile but also Argentina and Antarctica

    After a long and very fun talk with Sapa Pana Travel, they planned the trip according to our wishes: car rental, flights and part of the accommodation. Everything was surprisingly well arranged. …

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  • Een onvergetelijke rondreis door Chili

    Een onvergetelijke reis door Chili

    Sapa Pana Travel heeft voor ons een onvergetelijke en mooie reis door Chili samengesteld. 

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  • Heselhaus

    Travelling through Chile individually is very doable, recommendable!

    Pleasant people everywhere. From north to south, and thus a lot of variation and surprises. Deserts with coastal towns and villages, partly abandoned, inland as well. Inviting hot springs, good for …

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  • de Bruijn

    Hotel Altiplanico in the Atacama Desert...

    ... Is an oasis of peace! The hotel lies in the oasis town of San Pedro, in the Atacama Desert in Chile’s north. This hotel complex is entirely made of adobe (a combination of clay and straw) …

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  • Pompe_Bunnik

    We really enjoyed it and saw a lot

    Hi Johan,  Our compliments on the great organization of our trip. We really enjoyed it and we say a lot. The way you made up for our useless wait with a dinner in the Four Seasons was very much …

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  • Huilo Huilo waterfall, during the night walk 'salto nocturne'

    The 7 Lakes route and after that our visit to Torres del Paine were the highlights of our trip!

    For years I wanted to learn Spanish in preparation of my trip to South America and lifelong I dreamed of Antarctica... After returning to the Netherlands Johan asked us to write a …

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  • What a magnificent adventure this trip!

    Soon more...

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  • Beckers Bevort

    It was a beautiful trip, with a lot of highlights and new experiences...

    It was a beautiful trip with a lot of highlights and new experiences. Most of them planned, sometimes unexpected, such as the earthquake in San Pedro de Atacama or the boat trip to the Balamceda …

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  • Reisferentie Van den Hout

    Chile, a country and people to love!

    Thank you very much for the perfect organisation of my trip to CHILE. The three destinations Patagonia, Atacama and Rapa Nui were all 3 very special. The stops were well planned. All in all I can …

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  • Ervaring Chili

    A fantastic trip, excellent carried out by Sapa Pana Travel and partners!

    Soon more

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  • Westra

    We also run in to sea lions and condors...

    We are the only ones leaving the ship and we are brought to the Hosteria with a zodiac. A basic hostel, sealed off from the inhabited world by water and mountains. The bedroom has a wood-burning …

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  • Wijngaard in Chili

    Een waar paradijs voor de wijnliefhebber

    Al langer hadden we  het idee om een reis door Chili te maken. We wilden de wijncultuur ervaren en winery’s bezoeken. Dit uiteraard in samenspel met het natuurschoon, de bevolking en de …

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  • Skorpius cruise door de fjorden en langs gletsjers in Chili

    Autorijden in Patagonië

    Na kennis gemaakt te hebben met Sapa Pana Travel op de Beurs voor bijzondere reizen in Breda zaten we nog geen 2 weken later aan tafel bij Johan op kantoor. We hoefden er niet lang over na te denken, …

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  • Boer

    It was an unforgettable trip!

    In autumn 2006 we made a trip to Chile which was organized by Sapa Pana Travel. In 23 days we successively visited the north, the middle and the south of Chile. We also visited Easter Island at the …

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  • Reisferentie - Dingenen

    Chile, Easter island, Lake district and Patagonia

    A 19 day trip completely customized with all the highlights: Easter island with its impressive moa’s, a trip in a jeep between the lakes and volcanoes such as the Osorno, and from the Last Hope …

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  • We enjoyed a carefree journey by car through beautiful South America!

    Soon more...

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  • Reisferentie Smets

    Chile: from Santiago to Cape Horn

    In the quiet lakes we see the reflection of the volcanoes’ snowy tops. Churning and thundering the river races between the blocks of lava to become one with a lovely turquoise river. More to …

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  • Verschuren

    Chile and Easter Island combined with Argentina

    Chile, Argentina and Easter Island had been on our holiday wish list for a long time. After looking through quite a number of brochures with group trips, some acquaintances told us about their good …

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  • Patagonië - Chili

    Chili: een warm plekje in ons hart

    Het was onze eerste ontmoeting met Zuid-Amerika en ‘we loved it’!

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