Why is advice from a professional travel specialist necessary?

Read here how a professional travel specialist / tour operator can be of value to you...

  • Visit to a destination
    Visit to a destination

    Destination South Chili

  • Visit to a travel market
    Visit to a travel market

    ITB Berlin

  • Pre inspection
    Pre inspection

    Pre inspection for the Volvo Classics Panamericana

  • Sapa Pana Travel is 'at home' in Latin America

    Beautiful pictures ... Made during the Volvo Classics Panamericana. We know the way in Latin America!

A lot of people love it, clicking and scrolling through websites such as Tripadvisor, Zoover and Booking.com. Dreaming of - or possibly booking - their well-earned holidays.  

However, when you’re looking for a Unique Trip, an exclusive holiday without a care, then it might be a good idea to put together your trip with the help of a professional travel specialist.


Below a short summary of how a professional travel specialist / tour operator can be of value to you;

We are ‘at home’ in the luxury market
At travel websites such as Tripadvisor, Zoover and Booking.com the price is their important unique selling point. These ‘guru’s’ know that their customers are first and foremost looking for ‘the bargains’, which they definitely offer. However, this positioning does mean that they’re not offering you the most exceptional accommodation such as beautiful luxurious hotels, small boutique hotels and private villa’s. Your travel specialist knows the ‘higher segment’ of the travelling sector very well. We’re always looking for niche products so we can offer you the most beautiful spots.

We are specialists in Latin America and Antarctica
Of course a customized, made-to-measure trip doesn’t just consist of beautiful and special (luxury) accommodations. Your travel specialist is also very much willing to help you organize a private tour, reserve a table in a special restaurant, employ a chef to cook for you at home, book tango lessons at a renowned dancing school and much more. The travel professionals who call themselves specialists in a certain destination have experienced many of the things they recommend to you themselves. This personal service is not something you will encounter at an online booking website for the masses.

We are your contact point before, after and most of all during your trip
When you book your own flights, rental car and accommodation, where will you go when you have a problem? Mobile phones with internet may make it easy to log in at a website, but it cannot be compared to personal contact with a travel specialist who knows the destination well. Someone who will be able to help you with any kind of problem; a lost passport, medical issues, flight annulments, hotel transfers and more. Even when you don’t need any help during your holidays, it will contribute to your peace of mind to know that support is only a phone call away.

When putting together your next made-to-measure trip to Latin America and/or Antarctica we are happy to help. Sapa Pana Travel’s employees can rightfully call themselves specialists in Latin America and Antarctica. We have been putting together trips to these continents for almost 10 years. In the meanwhile we have organized a number of big projects (which require a lot of knowledge of the continent); car events, in which travellers travelled in their own cars, and television projects such as ‘Waar is de Mol?’ (‘Where in the world is de Mol?’) and the Pan-American road trip.

Every year our employees take inspection trips to their destinations and/or visit trade fairs such as; the ITB (World’s Leading Travel Trade Show) in Berlin, WTM (World Travel Market) in London and/or the ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) or Pure (constructive platform for business networking within the high-end Experiential Travel community).



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