The name Sapa Pana Travel was chosen carefully.
The words 'Sapa' and 'Pana' are from the 'Quechua', an indigenous language still spoken in parts of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. In this language these words mean:
'Your Unique Journey'.

  • Journeys

    Vakantiebeurs voor bijzondere reizen

    Amsterdam: weekend van 7 en 8 januari 2017 | Breda: weekend van 21 en 22 januari 2017

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    Vakantiebeurs voor bijzondere reizen in Amsterdam 2016
  • Tailor-made to the smallest detail!

    Tailor made travel

    Soon more

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  • El Alberque el Ollantaytambo

    El Alberque el Ollantaytambo - Peru

    The historical hotel El Albergue el Ollantaytamo is located in an old train station from 1925. Situated centrally in the sacred valley. Just as far from Machu Picchu as the city of Cuzco.

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  • Pousada Literaria

    Pousada Literaria - Brazil

    Soon more

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  • Sapibenega

    Sapibenega - Panama

    Sapibenega means ‘tree house’. This hotel lies on a private island. There are nine bamboo houses where the guests stay, all of them built in the style of the Kuna Indians.

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  • Great photo! Thanks Henk & Imke.

    South Peru, what a joy!

    Thanks to the great preparation from Sapa Pana Travel we had our dream holiday, we’ve seen a lot and we were still well rested. 

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  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica, what a great experience!

    We had special wishes for a special trip, our way of celebrating our 35th anniversary with the children. Not too long/not too short, not too far/not too close, adventure/luxury/relaxing holiday, …

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  • Reisferentie Van der Torren

    Pure enjoyment at the Brazilian Costa Verde

    The most beautiful thing we’ve done is taking a tour on a luxury private yacht, led by two utterly friendly Brazilians, along the coast of one of Brazil’s most stunning nature reserves. …

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