The name Sapa Pana Travel was chosen carefully.
The words 'Sapa' and 'Pana' are from the 'Quechua', an indigenous language still spoken in parts of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. In this language these words mean:
'Your Unique Journey'.

  • Journeys

    Sapa Pana Travel 15 jaar!

    Groot feest, want dit jaar bestaan we 15 jaar! Een geweldige mijlpaal waar we erg trots op zijn en die we dan …

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    Magia Latina magazine
  • Tailor-made to the smallest detail!

    Tailor made travel

    Soon more

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  • Rosewood San Miguel de Allende - Mexico

    Rosewood San Miguel de Allende - Mexico

    This five star hotel is suited for people who do not want to make any concessions concerning luxury and comfort. The ample and tastfully designed rooms offer ultimate comfort. In Rosewood San Miguel …

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  • Nayara Springs

    Nayara Springs - Costa Rica

    In this adult only hotel located on a remote place you will find all the luxury you need, while you enjoy an authentic experience in the middle of the rainforest of Costa Rica. 

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  • Skorpios II | Patagonia

    Skorpios ll - Cruise - Chili

    Aboard the Skorpios ll you will experience a great cruise through the north of Chilean Patagonia. Here you will find great scenic and panoramic views. The Skorpios ll is the brother of the …

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  • Great photo! Thanks Henk & Imke.

    South Peru, what a joy!

    Thanks to the great preparation from Sapa Pana Travel we had our dream holiday, we’ve seen a lot and we were still well rested. 

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  • Reisferentie Van der Torren

    Pure enjoyment at the Brazilian Costa Verde

    The most beautiful thing we’ve done is taking a tour on a luxury private yacht, led by two utterly friendly Brazilians, along the coast of one of Brazil’s most stunning nature reserves. …

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  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica, what a great experience!

    We had special wishes for a special trip, our way of celebrating our 35th anniversary with the children. Not too long/not too short, not too far/not too close, adventure/luxury/relaxing holiday, …

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