Our story

The words 'Sapa' and 'Pana' are from the 'Quechua', the language of the Inca’s. Together they mean, freely translated, the Unique Journey. That is exactly what we strive for when we organize your tailor-made journey. Completely tailored to your wishes.

How it started

My first trip took me to Guatemala where I studied Spanish. After this I traveled around Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. This is how I first became acquainted with pre-Columbian cultures such as the Maya, the Incas and the Aymaras in the north of Chile and Bolivia. I visited enchantingly beautiful historical towns such as Antigua in Guatemala, San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico and Cuzco in Peru. I traveled through dense jungle, over the highest peaks of the Andes, crossing the driest desert on Earth. It was clear that Latin America was gripping me and would not let go of me. 

You can travel to any corner of this planet, but when I first arrived in Latin America, my senses were more and more stimulated than ever before.

Johan van Rijswijck, founder Sapa Pana Travel

Johan met Volvo in Anita Vallei Argentinie monserrate Johan recht Bogota

We would like you to enjoy Latin America as much as we do ourselves