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During the Gente Mágica interviews we talk to people who have a special story and who share our love for Latin America. This way you can dream away from home to the most beautiful continent in the world. Check out the next dates of our online interviews below and sign up. Participation is free and without obligation.

New: Johan talks with Ben Valks

Ben Valks is the initiator of the Black Jaguar Foundation. The foundation is realising the most ambitious reforestation project in Brazil. The Black Jaguar Foundation has a clear objective: to plant indigenous trees on a gigantic scale, resulting in the realisation of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor, the longest nature corridor on earth: 2600 km long and 40 km wide. In this way, they want to restore the balance between nature and humans. 

During this online interview Johan talks with Ben about his adventure through Latin America, his search for the Black Jaguar and about the Black Jaguar Foundation. Do you want to be there? Sign up now!

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Online interviews - Dream away from inspiring stories from the most beautiful continent in the world. Please note that the introduction of the interviews is in Dutch. The interviews are in English.

About Gente Mágica

At Sapa Pana Travel we believe that people make the difference. In our case the difference between a beautiful and an unforgettable journey. We love Latin America and want our travellers to enjoy this continent as much as we do. For almost twenty years we have invested a lot of energy in discovering special places and building and maintaining a strong network of people with whom we share our love for Latin America. 

In the Gente Mágica interviews Johan, the owner of Sapa Pana Travel, talks to people from our network who share our passion for Latin America and have an interesting story to tell. For example, he talks to guides, owners of special hotels or cruise lines, but also to people who started a foundation or a travel journalist who is passionate about Latin America. The conversations will be about their passion, why they have chosen not to do what they do and about their dreams. 

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