Kaatje Rietdijk

In 2014, after finishing high school, I packed my backpack and left for Latin America to get to know Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Where most of my peers went to explore Asia, I was eager for something different and my eye fell on Latin America, not knowing exactly what to expect. Once there, I fell in love with this continent. One of the things that has stayed with me the most is celebrating New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro. With millions of people on Copacabana beach, celebrating the new year in a festive way, what an experience. Of course, according to tradition, in white clothing with colored underwear. After my return back home, I could not wait to make other people enthusiastic about everything Latin America has to offer. The friendly people, the delicious food and the breathtaking and especially very diverse landscapes. 

My Unique Journey is, together with my boyfriend, traveling through the different landscapes, getting to know the cultures and creating unforgettable experiences. Not planning too much in advance and seeing where the journey takes us, day by day. 

You can reach me directly via: kaatje@sapapanatravel.nl