Petra Horsch

I was born and raised in Brazil. I am very proud of my country, especially because of the warmth of the people and the beauty of nature. As a little girl, my beach holidays were on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, I went on hikes through dense jungle areas and drove thousands of kilometers during our holidays. Because I have two passports, I am often asked if I feel more Dutch or Brazilian. My answer is then always; my heart is in Brazil. Eventually I came to the Netherlands to study tourism here, doing my internship/graduating in 2013 at Sapa Pana Travel. During my graduation I fell in love with the continent. Since I started working here I have been able to visit various countries during inspection trips and holidays. Because my parents live in Brazil, I also visit them regularly, which I always combine with discovering new places.

My Unique Journey is, with my boyfriend, driving a car through Latin America. Discover special places and enjoy the local culture. I grew up in Brazil and traveled a lot by car. This is for me the best way to experience a country.

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