24 hours in São Paulo

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São Paulo is the beating heart of the Brazilian and South American economy. For lovers of cities it is an absolute must. We take you to São Paulo for 24 hours.

Breakfast: a good coffee at Coffee Lab

Start your day with the best coffee available in São Paulo. Coffee Lab is the place to be to taste the Brazilian coffees selected by owner Isabela Raposeiras. Number 746 is the favourite of many, but the house blend, a rich smooth classic is also popular.
Address: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1340 Vila Madalena, São Paulo  | Coffee Lab

To do: walking through the city park Ibirapuera

São Paulo is not known for its greenery, but there is a place where many of the city's inhabitants can be found during their free time. Take a nice walk through the park designed by landscape architect Roberto Burlo Marx in collaboration with architect and modernist Oscar Niemeyer. Between the palm trees and other types of plants you will find a number of buildings that serve as museums. Furthermore, you can stroll and relax here.
Address: Av Pedro Álvares Cabral (gates 2, 3 en 10), Av IV Centenário (gates 6 en 7a), Av República do Líbano (gate 7) | Parque Ibarapuera

Shopping: Havaianas flip flops

When visiting Brazil, the famous Havaianas flip flops are an absolute must. In one of the big Havaianas shops you will find these flip flops in all sorts, colours and sizes. If desired, have them pimped to your own taste with fun studs. In São Paulo you will find a large Havaianas shop.
Address: Rua Oscar Freire, 1116 – Jardins | Havaianas São Paulo

Lunch: A Mortadela sandwich in the Mercado Municipal

For lunch you can go to the Mercado Municipal, the big city market in the city centre, housed in a special neoclassical building from 1940 with stained glass windows. Stroll through the colourful palette of vegetables, fruit and herbs and awaken your senses with all the fragrances. On the top floor of this market you will find several restaurants. Taste a cod pie or a sandwich richly topped with mortadela and freshly squeezed orange juice.
Address: Rua da Cantareira, 306 | Mercado Municipal

24 uur in Sao Paulo lunchen mercado municipal

To do: visit the MASP (Museu de Arte de São Paulo)

With a permanent collection of famous artists such as van Gogh, Renoir, Velázquez, Portinari and Picasso, this is the most famous art museum of São Paulo. The building that 'hangs' between two square arches is a work of art in itself.
Address: Avenida Paulista, 1578 - São Paulo – SP | MASP

24 uur in Sao Paulo MASP museum

Dining: a culinary experience at Restaurant D.O.M.

Looking for a culinary experience? Then Restaurant D.O.M. is the right place for you. Chef Alex Atala describes D.O.M. as an achievable dream in Brazilian cuisine. Here you step out of your comfort zone and have a new gastronomic experience. The most authentic flavours of Brazilian cuisine, such as açaí, jambu, tucupi and ants, are transformed into a full-fledged and high-quality dish. This unique restaurant is currently ranked third of Latin America's best restaurants and number 16 of S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best restaurants.
Address: Rua Barão de Capanema, 549 Jardins, São Paulo 01411-01 | Restaurant D.O.M.

Photo: Restaurante D.O.M.

Evening out: a caipirinha at Guarita Bar

Although the bar is relatively new (since 2016) it already holds the title of best caipirinha of 2017/18. A caipirinha is the national cocktail of the country, so definitely worth a try. Guarita Bar is a hip bar where you can find the Brazilian coziness. Bartenders Jean Ponce and David Barreiro will provide you with a fresh caipirinha or another cocktail such as the Guardian Fizz made of vodka, lime, ginger and mint.
Address: Rua Simão Álvares, 952 São Paulo | Guarita Bar

Photo: Guarita Bar

Stay the night: Palacio Tangara

Enjoy high comfort in a quiet green oasis, centrally located in the metropolis of São Paulo. From a culinary point of view, there is nothing to be short of, as the French Chef Jean-Georges is in charge here.
Address: R. Dep. Laércio Corte, 1501 - Panamby, São Paulo | Palacio Tangara

24 uur in Sao Paulo, overnachten Palacio Tangara

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