A happy reunion with colombia

| Johan van Rijswijck

Travel in times of Corona

I put on my facemask, step outside and close the door of our apartment in Chapinero, a lively neighborhood in the Colombian capital Bogotá. It's December, the sun shines bright and the sky is blue. My coat is hanging open and I put my sunglasses on. It's nice to be here again. Surrounded by other smells, colors, landscapes and people, it's is giving me a boost of energy.

Measuring temperature and leave contact information

I am heading for my favorite coffee shop; Amor Perfecto. From almost every store and car, that I pass, I hear the familiar sounds of South American salsa music and Colombian Vallenato. At Amor Perfecto, I receive a warm welcome as always. The eyes of the employee shine bright and she seems to have a big smile on her face, although it remains hidden behind her mask. As in any public place in Colombia, my temperature is being measured. After she has established that I have no fever, I leave my contact details. I then sink into a comfortable leather couch and order a cappuccino. After a few minutes I receive my coffee, another true work of art. 

The love for coffee

At Amor Perfecto you see the pure love for coffee in everything. One of the employees even has a tattoo of coffee beans and a thermometer on his arm. The thermometer indicates the perfect temperature for coffeee making. The coffee that Amor Perfecto serves and sells is purchased directly from small-scale coffee farmers. They live and work in former conflict areas, which were badly affected during the 40-year civil war. Amor Perfecto helps the farmers to optimize their product. In addition, they put the consumer in direct contact with the coffee farmer. When you scan the QR code on the coffee pack, you immediately see all the information about the coffee plantation your coffee comes from. A wonderful, sustainable initiative, but above all perfect coffee!

Cartagena de Indias

Some time later, I found myself on the Caribbean coast with my beloved. We started in Cartagena, the beautiful historic coastal city that is close to both our hearts. We had a wonderful dinner here at Celele and Doña Lola, two excellent restaurants in the Getsemani district. We strolled through the old town. We see that the normal life is getting back on track, after a lockdown of several months. Everyone wears a mask on the street, including the children. I quickly got used to it. Amazing how fast that goes.

A deserted sandy beach

Together, we visited the city of Barranquilla. Here we got reunited with my girlfriend's family after a long time. Here we took a breath of fresh air on the Malecón. This is an endless boulevard that maneuvers the last few miles of the Magdalena River before this largest river in Colombia plunges into the Atlantic Ocean. At this moment we are in the vicinity of Tayrona National Park. An immense rainforest that connects the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada with the Caribbean Sea. It is very quiet here and we walk on the sand and watch the waves break on the endless, empty sandy beach. Here we do not wear our masks, because the number of people we meet here during hours of hiking can be counted on one hand. 

Travel, a essential good

When I got the chance to go to Colombia at the end of the disaster year 2020, I didn't have to hesitate for a second. This trip was strictly necessary for me, I had not seen my beloved for a year. Of course, I don't have to explain to anyone how nice it was to be able to see and hold each other again. But apart from that, it was only then that I realized how much I missed traveling. How good it can do for a person to be in a different environment. To see other landscapes and to experience other smells and colors. During my trip, I read in a news article of a director of some bookstores in the Netherlands advocated that reading should be seen as a essential good. I am an avid reader, but if reading should be considered a first necessity of life, then surely travel should be too. Man, how much did I miss this. And how I wish everyone who loves to travel to be able to experience this again in the near future. 

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