Animals in Peninsula Valdés

| Anke Hendriks

"Peninsula Valdés always has something to offer for everyone". This is what my guide told me when we left our hotel early in the morning. Whales, sea lions, penguins and a family of orcas looking for food. That was what Peninsula Valdés in the vast Patagonia had to offer us. What a special experience! Wondering what it has to offer you? Here's what you can see at Peninsula Valdés.

Do you want to spot animals in Argentina? The best place in Argentina where you can do this is Peninsula Valdés, a peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean. In and around the nutrient-rich waters along the coast of Peninsula Valdés, a particularly varied animal life manifests itself, including penguins, seals, sea lions, whales and elephant seals!


Between November and March you can find penguins on and around Peninsula Valdés. Penguins are real creatures of habit and come back every year to the peninsula, and in some cases even to the same nest, to breed. Penguins are very curious animals, which makes sure that you can look at them from very close by.


The first whales come to the waters around Peninsula Valdés around June, but in September and October the population is at its peak. Around 500 whales swim around. The whales also come to this area to have offspring. You can take a boat trip, but it is sometimes also possible to see the whales jumping from the shore.

Sea lions and elephant seals

Sea lions and elephant seals can be found all year round on Peninsula Valdés. They alternate periods on the coast with periods in the water. Here you will find large colonies of sea lions and elephants. The young ones are playful and can often bore the old ones, which makes for a fun show. And for those who are not afraid of cold water it is even possible to snorkel or dive with sea lions.


From September to April it is possible to spot orcas. A special feature of spotting orcas at Peninsula Valdés is that the so-called 'killer whales' come ashore completely while hunting. Orcas hunt young sea lions and therefore swim close to the coast. If a young sea lion is not careful, the orcas will throw themselves ashore to grab their prey. This phenomenon occurs almost nowhere else in the world.


There are two types of dolphins at Peninsula Valdés. The Commerson's dolphin occurs throughout the year in the waters around the peninsula. The colorful dolphin occurs between December and April. It is a special experience when a group of 100 dolphins swims out in front of your boat. 

In a submarine

Spotting underwater life in a unique and unforgettable way? That's possible aboard the Yellow submarine. This ship is partly under water, like a submarine. This gives travellers the opportunity to spot the animals not only from the surface of the water, but also actually below the surface. There is always a nature guide on board who can tell more about the behaviour and habits of the animals. Below you can see what a special experience this is.

Choose to stay at El Pedral Lodge

If you want to spot the wildlife on Peninsula Valdés, we advise you to spend at least two nights in an accommodation in the area. A beautiful and pleasant accommodation is the charming El Pedral lodge and is located at Punta Nifas, about 75 kilometres from Puerto Madryn. The lodge has Norman style and interior features and with just a short walk you are on the Patagonia coastline.

Visit Peninsula Valdés?

A visit to Peninsula Valdés is an unforgettable experience and fits perfectly within a trip through Argentinian Patagonia in the south of the country. Curious about the possibilities? For more inspiration take a look at the inspiration itinerary below. Do you have more questions or would you like personal travel advice? Feel free to contact us. Call +31 73 610 62 04 or send an email to We are happy to help.

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