Jicaro lodge Nicaragua

| Johan van Rijswijck

Although it is no more than a 10-minute boat ride from Granada, the hustle and bustle of the city seems miles away. The Jicaro lodge is a small resort on a private island in Lake Nicaragua. A few days in this little paradise is real pampering.

I enter a boat and we sail to the Jicaro lodge in about 10 minutes. Here you can hear the sounds of the rainforest, the rustling of the wind through the trees and the waves gently breaking on the shore.

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Your own casita

On the island there are 9 spacious and completely made of wood. A comfortable sitting area, an open bathroom with walk-in shower and on the first floor is the very spacious bedroom. All wooden slats can be opened, so you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings from your cottage. Each casita has its own terrace overlooking the lake.

From each casita you can walk to the common areas of the accommodation, such as the swimming pool, a fine spa, the excellent restaurant, the bar, the library and the reception. Although the small but attractive pool invites for a refreshing dip, the most beautiful pool is of course just the lake. What really makes this accommodation worthwhile, is the personal service and delicious food! In the kitchen we work as much as possible with local, fresh products.

A pleasant surprise

With my guide I make a boat trip on the lake. Highly recommended for bird lovers and also see some monkeys among the foliage. What a lovely peace and quiet reigns here on the lake. In the afternoon I return to the lodge and take a dip in the lake before the sun gives way to a breathtaking starry sky. After I have freshened up, I sit down for dinner, which is served on the terrace overlooking the lake. I am completely pampered in culinary delights. What a pleasant surprise Jicaro is!

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