Kabalebo Nature Resort, Suriname

| Johan van Rijswijck

The Kabalebo Nature Resort is probably the best jungle lodge in Suriname. An absolute 'must' for nature lovers, birdwatchers and people who want to see the unique and, at this location, so exuberant wildlife of Suriname with their own eyes.

Operation Grasshopper

This beautiful resort was created by the so-called "Operation Grasshopper". The government initiated this gigantic operation with the objective of finding minerals. In a period of a few years, seven runways were constructed in the most untouched parts of the Amazon of Suriname. The runway at Kabalebo was one of these 7 locations. Twice a week there is a flight connection with Paramaribo, a small Cessna plane flies in an hour from 'Zorg en Hoop' airport to the lodge.

The nearest human settlement is about 300 kilometres, or 2 to 3 weeks sailing, away from the lodge. Also, in an area as large as the Netherlands there is no other jungle lodge to be found. This is unique! This secluded location means that there is still a lot of wildlife to be found here. There are simply no people in the (immediate) surroundings who hunt them.

The Kabalebo Nature Resort is very spacious and consists of a number of buildings. These buildings are all located on the more than one-kilometre long runway of grass. The largest building is the main lodge and here all meals are served in buffet form. The main lodge also has 10 standard rooms. The second larger building, the 'inspiration point', offers 6 superior rooms. These rooms share a beautiful veranda with relaxing chairs and hammock and a beautiful view of the runway. On and next to the runway you can regularly spot animals, such as; monkeys, the tapir or a capybara. Lectures are also given at the 'inspiration point'. Furthermore, there are four spacious panorama suites, ideal for families with up to 4 people. If you would like a bit more privacy you can stay in the more secluded, but still within walking distance, river cabins on the river or 3 hours sailing from the main lodge (!), in the Uncle Piet lodge. This lodge consists of 4 simple double cabins, each with its own shower and toilet. The Uncle Piet lodge is located near the double step waterfalls. For people who want to complete their jungle experience, it is also possible to spend a night in the bivouac. This camp is about 15 minutes sailing from the main lodge, and you will spend the night in hammocks and/or tents.

A lot of things to do

In this region, the difference between high tide during the rainy season and low tide during the dry season can be enormous, sometimes even more than 7 metres. The activities, which are very diverse, are naturally geared to this. You can think of, among other things; simple and more tough hikes through the rainforest, visits to a waterfall, sailing with the dugong, kayaking, spotting caimans in the evening and fishing. All activities are in consultation with the guests; a personal choice will be made from the possibilities available that day. It is highly recommended to climb the "Misty Mountain". This rainforest overgrown mountain overlooks the runway of Kabalebo and the nearby main buildings. From the top you have a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

Kabalebo is also a unique destination for children

To start with, animals regularly pass by on the runway. During the many boat trips, children can easily spot the most diverse species of birds and monkeys. A short walk takes them to the Moi Moi waterfalls, where they can take a refreshing swim in the clear water. And if this is not enough, the swimming pool at the lodge offers a solution. What is very pleasant is that the children here can easily communicate in Dutch with the guides, so they learn a lot about the rainforest and its inhabitants. The team of the Kabalebo Nature Resort are fine and above all dedicated people, who will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible. An absolute must for all ages and in our opinion one of the most beautiful jungle experiences there is!

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