The Machu Picchu

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A true bucket list destination

The place that made it on many people’s bucket lists : The famous Inca city ‘Machu Picchu’, hidden between the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon rainforest. There are multiple aspects that fascinate its visitors over and over: the views, the history, the rich cultural beauty and the architecture itself. The abandoned city is surrounded by unique and breathtaking nature which undoubtedly adds even more value to your visit.

Let its magic work on you

Visiting the magical site of Machu Picchu takes you back in time. It makes you wonder how people were able to build this majestic building in the 15th century without tools or wheels to transport the stones. It simply leaves you speechless, especially when thinking about all the things that happened here. The people who lived here, the ceremonies that took place and finally the day that this city was abandoned for good. Your guide will shed some light on your questions, but most parts might remain a mystery forever.

So, why was it built?

As interesting as it is, no one was able to find the reason behind it. Archaeologists say it might have been a ceremonial site, a military stronghold or it might have served as a retreat for nobility. As the Inca had no written language, no records exist about the history of the ruins. A great opportunity for you to use your imagination and come up with your own theory while overlooking this incredible historical place.

All roads lead to Machu Picchu

To get to this famous Inca citadel you can choose between many different ways. Leaving from Cusco or the Sacred Valley you can go by train. The train stops at Aguas Calientes, the last town before the Machu Picchu. From there you can take the bus to the citadel. But the most unforgettable option is undoubtedly a trek. There are different treks to the Machu Picchu with varying requirements such as the famous Inka trail or the Salkantay trek, all taking at least a couple of days. Just imagine the indescribable feeling of finally standing in front of Machu Picchu after a few full days of trekking. In the end this entire experience is something you will remember forever, no matter which option you choose. But make sure to contact us on time, so we can reserve your desired spot.

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