Morgan's Rock Nicaragua

| Johan van Rijswijck

During my trip in Nicaragua, I stayed at a special place on the Pacific coast, Morgan's Rock. This accommodation is located directly on the beach, has a fine spa, a swimming pool with a beautiful view and an excellent restaurant.

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How it began

In 2004, when hardly anyone believed in Nicaragua as a tourist destination, a French couple decided to buy a 4000-hectare estate south of San Juan del Sur. Projects were started on the estate to protect nature and to revive it by reforesting pieces of agricultural land. In this huge nature reserve 15 local guesthouses were placed. I stayed in casita 11, situated against a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Breathtaking views

On the huge estate of Morgan's Rock there is plenty to do. You can make long walks through the nature. You can do this on your own, but if you go with a guide, he or she can help you spot the many animals and birds that live among the dense vegetation. For example, a walk is possible to a mountain point that offers breathtaking views over the sea and the surrounding forest. Take this walk in the afternoon and you will be rewarded with a picturesque sunset.

With the whole family

At the beach you will find the spa, where you can get a lovely massage with the murmur of the sea in the background. For families with children, a stay at Morgan's Rock is also highly recommended, as various original workshops are organised. For example, together with your children, you can get acquainted with life on a local farm, where you learn how to milk cows or learn to make your own tortillas. In between farms you can take surfing lessons in the bay.

A lovely place

I think it is a wonderful place. During my stay I go for a long walk on the beach, where I don't meet anyone. In the distance I hear the loud cry of some howler monkeys. I dive into one of the hammocks hanging between the palm trees and in the bar, I order a cold Toña, the local beer of Nicaragua. In the evening I order a fresh fish dish in the restaurant that tastes excellent to me. I have a chat with another guest and then I look up my casita. Before going to bed, I take a refreshing bath in the jacuzzi, which belongs to my casita. I close my eyes and think about the day as I am surrounded by the nocturnal sounds of the jungle.

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