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A journey through Patagonia, the lake district and northwest Argentina

The plans for a nice trip through Argentina were there. Our focus was Patagonia, but we also wanted to explore the surroundings of Salta. Johan van Rijswijck summarized our wishes, suggested possibilities and eventually created a trip of 25 days. Partly through Chile, partly through Argentina.

It turned out to be a journey that more than exceeded our expectations.

Patagonia in the flowering period of Broom

We started in the south of Chile, in Puerto Natales, near the Torres del Paine National Park. We stayed here at the Singular Hotel Patagonia, a historic, and in terms of architecture very special, hotel with excellent service. From the hotel we could sign up for interesting excursions in the surrounding area. We visited Lake Grey, with the beautiful floating pieces of sky-blue ice from the Grey Glacier. Admired the Salto Grande waterfall and made a 12 kilometre walk through a swampy area to a big rock that turned out to have ancient rock paintings.

Accompanied by an enthusiastic guide, we climbed a steep mountain to have a look at the condors and we were given a tour of our special hotel. The surroundings of Patagonia with the mountains were absolutely beautiful. We turned out to be in the flowering period of broom, a striking yellow plant that is abundant in these areas. That gave the surroundings and of course our photos something extra.

The beauty of the lake district

The Chilean lake district, the area we hadn't really delved into, turned out to be surprisingly beautiful as well. A long hike of a day we made to the Osorno volcano was breathtakingly beautiful and unforgettable: the beauty of the surroundings, the desolation and silence, the beautiful views. The seven lakes route we drove went through the Argentine lake district, just before the border with Chile. We drove through a natural park where huge snake pines stood. At the foot of such a tree, overlooking a murmuring stream, we had our lunch: an idyllic place. In short, Patagonia and the lake district, the accommodations and activities completely met our expectations.

The highlight: Wonderful landscapes in La Puna, Argentina

Then we had the North left! The area La Puna, between Salta and the Chilean border, is a wonderful area with volcanoes, salt lakes and colourful landscapes. It was especially this part of the trip that we found most impressive. Our very experienced and fine guide was invaluable. He knew the area like the back of his hand and led us to the most beautiful viewpoints. Places where you normally don't or shouldn't go as a regular tourist. The colours, the variety of the desolate landscape, the views, the many salt fields and lakes, the Titia geyser area, it was overwhelming. No matter how beautiful we found Patagonia and the lake district, this area stood out for us. The long days, the long rides on unpaved roads without encountering anything or anyone were exhausting, but we wouldn't have wanted to miss it. We rarely saw such a beautiful, varied area!

No holidaymakers but travellers

It was like our guide said: a journey like you make shows that you are not vacationers but travellers. You don't come for the tourist attractions, but you look for the soul of a country, of an area. We experienced that feeling to the fullest thanks to the excellent organization, the structure of the trip and the special places to spend the night. All the hotels that were arranged for us were beautiful, one was even better located than the other. Sapa Pana Travel has optimally fulfilled our wishes. This travel organization employs people who know their business and who have a good sense of what their customers wish and want. Compliments to Johan van Rijswijck and his team of Sapa Pana Travel!


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