Brazil journeys

Brazil travels to the most beautiful places in the country. As a bespoke specialist we are happy to help you organize Brazil trips to suit your needs. Together with one of our travel specialists you will look for the best route, travel time, the accommodations that suit you best and the activities you want to undertake. It will be a journey you will never forget. Personal, special and completely tailored to your wishes. Contact us directly, or take a look at the possibilities here.

Possibilities of Brazil journeys

Brazil has a vibrant mix of colourful cultures, varied landscapes and climate zones. Travelling Brazil is wonderful with something for everyone! Although the country is mainly known for its paradisiacal beaches, it has much more to offer. Think of the impenetrable Amazon, or get to know the exuberant animal life in the Pantanal, one of the largest wetlands on earth. Or stroll through narrow, picturesque streets in small colonial towns. Brazil can't be compared to any other country in South America. It is a country where there are still many undiscovered places. With a surface area of over 8 million km2, Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and covers half of South America. It is therefore impossible to visit every area while travelling in Brazil. Choices have to be made and we are happy to help you with that.

Would you like to know if a luxury tour through Brazil suits you? We have listed a few features for Brazil journeys here:

  • Travelling through Brazil is something for everyone;
  • It is a beautiful destination for animal and nature lovers;
  • The country is rich in colourful cultures and bustling cities;
  • A trip through Brazil is an excellent combination with Argentina;
  • In Brazil we have a large portfolio of unique and luxurious accommodations that we would be happy to recommend to you;
  • Travelling in Brazil is an excellent way to end your holiday on one of the many beautiful sandy beaches.

Why travel to Brazil with Sapa Pana Travel

Sharing our love for Brazil is in our DNA and we will let you enjoy your Brazil trip as much as we enjoy it ourselves.

  • Fully tailor-made trips to Brazil
  • Brazil specialist since 2003
  • ANVR and GSC connected
  • We visit Brazil annually
  • Strong and reliable network on site
  • For our travellers we are available 24/7
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