Chile has captured a place in our hearts

Mr and Mrs Holbova - Vrolijks

Before our trip to Chile, we travelled a lot in Europe and Africa. Especially Africa has stolen our hearts, but when KLM offered direct flights to Santiago in Chile and we could get four weeks off as well, we decided to do something else. We immediately bought a ticket to Santiago. That was that, only now we had to find someone who could help us to fill in these four weeks well.

We ended up at Sapa Pana Travel and they turned out to be able to offer exactly what we were looking for; a trip with lots of nature in combination with special hotels. We had a whole list of what we wanted to see and do and Sapa Pana Travel mapped out a great route that we could enjoy the Atacama desert, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Cape Horn, Easter Island and the Chilean wine region to the fullest during the four weeks. The trip was fantastic and arranged down to the last detail. Really everything was right, the route, the accommodations and we enjoyed the special nature immensely. We didn't expect it beforehand, but Chile touched us.

Sapa Pana Travel has mapped out a great route.

Patagonia, in particular, was pure enjoyment. The colours of the landscape were so incredibly beautiful. We enjoyed the melting snow in the spring sun, the anthracite-grey mountain peaks, spring flowers in vibrant colours and the unrealistic aquamarine rivers and lakes. Perhaps most astonishing was the hotel in the deserted landscape of Patagonia, which served as a refrigeration plant for mutton in the early 1900s.

Not to mention all the other places. The icing on the cake was Easter Island where we were introduced to the Moai, the Polynesian culture. We also enjoyed the rugged Cape Horn, the vineyards in early spring and the snow-covered Andes. Because of these great experiences, Chile now also has a warm place in our hearts.

The icing on the cake was Easter Island where we became acquainted with the Moai, the Polynesian culture.

Sapa Pana Travel's service did not stop at the end of the trip. Unfortunately we had some problems in one of the accommodations along the way. This can of course happen, but we were very happy that Sapa Pana Travel took this seriously and that they handled it to their complete satisfaction after our trip.

We loved the trip to Chile and in the future we will definitely return to South America with the help of Sapa Pana Travel. Thank you very much for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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