It exceeded all our expectations

Aafje and Karel

For years we had planned a trip to Baja California in Mexico. We wanted to spot the whales, drive through the desert and visit nice places. So we started looking for a travel organization that could realize this for us and ended up at Sapa Pana Travel. We didn't know the organization yet, but from the first to the last contact we were very satisfied.

From the first to the last contact we were very satisfied with Sapa Pana Travel.

Whale watching

Eventually, Sapa Pana Travel proposed a tour based on our wishes. We discovered the surroundings of Baja California. We visited the nice places and finally we were able to make several trips to the whales. On different places on the peninsula you can see different species of whales and Sapa Pana Travel kept this in mind. We have seen them all.

During a trip a mother with a calf came next to the boat and we could even touch these large animals; an incredible experience. During the trips we also saw dolphins, rays jumping out of the water, pelicans, frigate birds, blue-foot gannets, ospreys and much more. A good guide was present on the excursions. She was a biologist and spoke English very well; we learned a lot about the flora and fauna of this part of Mexico. With this guide we also went snorkelling for a day where we saw beautiful fish, but also sea lions swimming right next to us.

An amazing journey

We slept in beautiful, comfortable, small hotels that we could never have found ourselves. The travel distances were fine and we had plenty of time to explore the villages and its surroundings. We also visited Hotel California, which might have been an inspiration for the song of The Eagles. In short a great trip!

Kind regards,

Aafje and Karel

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