Best time to travel to Guatemala

The best travel time for Guatemala is all year round. There are no major temperature changes in the country. What you can take into account is the dry and rainy season.

In short:

  • In the upper central part of the country the temperature is around 20°C all year round;
  • Temperatures in the lower-lying areas, such as the coast and the rainforest in the north, are around 30 degrees all year round;
  • The dry season is from November to April;
  • In May, the rainy season begins which occasionally causes a heavy shower.


Guatemala has a tropical climate with here and there large differences in temperature caused by the sea and the altitude at which an area lies. It is coolest in the highlands with a temperature of around 20°C during the day. On the coast it is warm with a daytime average of about 30°C.


Most rain falls from May to October and the dry season runs from October to May. In terms of travel, during the dry season it is high season in Guatemala. However, during the rainy season you can still travel very well in Guatemala. The rain is limited to short showers, especially in the afternoon. Furthermore, in this period the nature is beautiful and green.

The time to travel to Guatemala when travelling with children

Guatemala is an absolute must for a family trip. The best travel time here applies to all Dutch school holidays. During the spring break Guatemala is, from a tourist point of view, less crowded. You can easily combine a trip to Guatemala with Belize and/or Honduras.

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