Maya cities

The hidden cities of the Mayas

The Maya culture is a fascinating pre-Columbian civilisation that arose around 2,000 years BC and had its glory days between 250 and 900 years after the start of our era. An interesting civilisation that built beautiful cities in the dense jungle. In Guatemala, you can visit the famous Maya city Tikal, but also lesser-known cities like Uaxactún and Yaxha.

The special Maya civilisation

The ancient Mayan civilisation is one of the best known and most complex pre-Columbian civilisations, that the Latin American continent has ever known. Its glory days were between 250 and 900 years after the beginning of our era. The Maya were highly developed engineers and astronomers. Using the position of the sun and the stars, they determined their agricultural cycles and built very large cities with beautiful temples. The Mayan cities are deep inside the dense jungle and some of these cities such as El Mirador are very difficult to reach now, even though thousands (and in some cities even millions) of people must have lived then.

Many things about these Mayas are still a mystery, and the researchers say that they have only just discovered the tip of the iceberg. With the right guides we will unravel the secrets of this fascinating culture for you and we will not only take you to the more famous places, but also to temples and palaces, where hardly anyone comes.

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