Best time to travel to Mexico

You can travel all year round in Mexico. However, the best travel time for Mexico depends on which place you want to visit and what you would like to see.

In short:

  • Dry season: from November till April
  • Rain season: from May to October

However, the rainy season does not mean that you cannot travel to Mexico at this time. The showers only last for a short time.

All information about the best time to travel in Mexico in a row

  • You can visit Mexico all year round;
  • Dry season: from November to April;
  • Rainy season: from May to October. During this season, it is humid and warm;
  • Mexico has two climate zones, from temperate climate to dry deserts and dense jungle with everything in between.
  • The coastal areas and areas up to 750 metres have a warm climate;
  • The areas a little higher up have a temperate climate.

Best travel time for animal spotting in Mexico

Animal spotting in Mexico can best be done between November and March. The migration of the Monarch butterfly to Mexico occurs every year during these months, and provides a spectacular scene. In the same period you can spot the impressive grey whales at Magdalena Bay on the east side of Baja California, that stay in these waters during this time. You can also see giant turtles and schools of dolphins at the nearby island of Espiritu Santo.

The best time to travel in Mexico when travelling with children

Mexico is a great country to discover together with children. And because the climate is good all year round, a trip with children is possible during all school holidays. For example, visit the Chiapas region and get to know the many customs from Mayan times. The Dicke family, for example, already preceded you. Curious what they thought of travelling in Mexico with their children? Read it here.

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