Practical matters

Antarctica is not an average travel destination. Here you will find additional practical information to prepare for your Antarctic voyage.

  • What types of expedition cruises are there?
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Is seasickness common?
  • What kind of clothing is recommended?

Different types of cruises - There are several expedition cruises. Which one suits you best depends on your time and budget.

Other practical matters

Your Health

When travelling to Antarctica, you are expected to be in good mental & physical condition. This is necessary to be able to participate in the various expedition parts, including hiking and sailing in a zodiac. Although all the expedition ships we work with are in very good condition and have the best possible comfort, you cannot expect the luxury of a spacious 5-star hotel.

Sea sickness

Sailing off the Antarctic Peninsula causes hardly anyone any problems in terms of seasickness. However, you do need to prepare well for the crossing of the Drake Passage, because you will then be sailing on the open sea and where two oceans meet. This can be a fierce crossing with a lot of movement of the ship. Sea sickness often occurs here. To combat seasickness, you can take preferential medication against seasickness. In addition, it is important to keep eating small quantities divided over the day. Make sure you drink enough and get enough rest. Above all, it will be fine and is only on the open sea, i.e. temporarily.

Clothing Antarctica

A trip to Antarctica can be compared to a winter sports holiday. In terms of clothing you can also compare it with this. Think of; Warm boots / good hiking boots, thermo top and underwear, thermo socks, waterproof trousers, warm hat, jeans / fleece trousers, shirts, fleece vest.

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