the Argentinian Pampas

The rich life on the Pampas of Argentina

Discover the rugged Argentinean country life that is still maintained according to the old traditions. Overnight on an estancia and look out over the vast landscapes. Go horseback riding through the pampas and in the evening enjoy Argentine meat and a good wine by a fireplace.

Staying on a traditional Estancia on the Argentinian Pampas

Traditional Argentine farm life is inextricably linked to the land. Argentine farmers, also called Gaucho's, are known for their cool appearance with a hat, boots, wide trousers and their horse as companion. Country life can be found in various regions of the country. Just outside Buenos Aires on the Pampas, in the Córdoba region and in Patagonia. Over the years, many traditional farms, also called estancias, have been renovated into small luxury accommodations.  

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