Argentinian wines

Delicious wines and snowy peaks

Argentina ranks 5th in the world's largest wine countries. For the true hedonist, a visit to the wine regions in Argentina is an absolute must. Not only for the good wines, but also for the impressive landscapes and the best accommodations where you will not lack anything.

Mendoza, more than just wine

Mendoza is the most important wine region of Argentina. Special about this wine region is its location. The grapes grow here at about 800-1200 meters above sea level. The temperature change between day and night provides the special combination of a smooth and round wine that at the same time still tastes nice and fresh. Excellent wines also mean landscapes full of vineyards. Mendoza is located close to the Andes and is therefore a perfect base to explore the surrounding region. Here you can make beautiful walks with the snowy peaks in the background. Ride on a horseback through the vineyards or visit the various bodegas scattered throughout the region. In addition to good wineries, the area also has plenty of good accommodations to stay in. We will be happy to advise you on the best hotels, wineries and restaurants.

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The wine regions of Argentina

However, Mendoza is not the only wine region in Argentina. There are three other wine regions in Argentina. In the north of the country you will find the famous wine region Cafayate, in the province of Salta. The Torrontés wine is produced here in particular. In the midwest of Argentina lies the region of Cuyo. In this region the wine area of Mendoza is located, but also the wine areas of La Rioja and San Juan. The Andes determines the wine production here and makes this region definitely worth a visit. Patagonia is the southernmost wine region of Argentina and of the world. The winters here are harsh and the summers, especially at night, cool. For winemakers, this means harmonious combinations of acidity and sweetness and an abundance of aromas. The Patagonian wines have a refined taste and a unique personality that reflects the purity of the region. Patagonia is also a region in Argentina that has more to offer than just wine.

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