When to go on holiday to Argentina

The best time to travel to Argentina depends on the area you want to visit. You can visit the country all year round, but due to the enormous surface of the country, the best time to travel to Argentina is not the same everywhere.

In short:

  • Northwest Argentina: end of March to December
  • Southern Argentina: October to end of April
  • the rest of Argentina: all year round

Would you like to visit several areas? Then the best travel time for Argentina:

  • October, November and December
  • March and April

Best time to travel per season

Do you already have a period in mind in which you would like to travel to Argentina? Then see what you can visit during that time.

Spring: travel between September and December

The months September to December are the spring in Argentina. Spring is in many ways the best time to visit Argentina. Advantages of visiting Argentina during this time:

  • You can visit all regions of the country during these months*;
  • There is a pleasant climate in Argentina, temperatures are not extremely high and not extremely low and the chance of heavy rainfall is not that big;
  • Nature awakens from its hibernation and slowly everything starts to blossom and grow;
  • When it comes to tourism, it is still quiet which ensures lower prices and sufficient availability for the accommodations you would like to stay in.

*Please note: a small exception is the south of Argentina where it is just a little too early to travel in September. Many accommodations are still closed and there are fewer domestic flights to this area. 

Summer: traveling between December and March

The Argentine summer runs from December to March. This is the high season in Argentina, because the Argentines themselves also have holidays. For this period applies:

  • This is undoubtedly a very good period to travel to southern Argentina (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego); Please note, because you are in an environment with lots of ice and glaciers, this means that temperatures never get very high;
  • You can also visit the other areas of the country during this period;
  • Only the northwest of Argentina, the region of Salta on the border with Bolivia and Chile, is best avoided. The reason for this is that the chance of heavy rainfall is high; landslides and road breaks are common, making it difficult to travel around here;
  • It's high season all over the country. The prices are higher and the accommodations get fully booked earlier.

Autumn: traveling between March and June

The months March to June are seen as autumn. Certainly the months of March and April are good months to visit Argentina. After that, it gets colder and we advise to not visit some destinations. 

  • The south of Argentina is a good place to visit in March and April. The days may be shorter, but in general there is less wind and the chance of pleasant weather with nice sunshine is big these months. The colors of nature change. The trees get beautiful autumn colors which creates a beautiful landscape. The high season is over so the accommodations are available again and the prices are lower;
  • As of May, many accommodations in Patagonia will close and there will be fewer flights to this destination;
  • The rest of the country, think of the waterfalls of Iguazu, the region around Buenos Aires, the area around Salta and the wine region, are good to visit these months.

Winter: traveling between June and September

It's winter between May and September. This means cold months for the south, but you can visit the rest of the country. 

  • We do not recommend visiting the south of Argentina during this period;
  • The rest of the country, think of the waterfalls of Iguazu, the region around Buenos Aires, the area around Salta and the wine region, are good to visit these months.
  • Think of a nice combination tour in the northeast of Argentina with for example Brazil;

Argentina and climate

Argentina is a huge country, larger than Europe, stretching from the north to the south of the continent. Because of this vastness in combination with the many differences in altitude and diversity of landscapes, the country has an enormous variety of climates. This combined with various factors such as certain events that take place throughout the year and are worth visiting, or the migration of some species such as whales, makes it impossible to say that there is one best time to travel to Argentina.

The best time to travel to Argentina partly depends on which areas and places you want to visit during your trip and what you want to do during your trip. 

The north of the country has a subtropical climate and as you travel further south you will encounter four seasons, which are opposite to our seasons in Europe.

The best time to travel to Argentina when travelling with children

The spring break and the summer holidays are an excellent travel period for a visit to the north and central Argentina. If desired, you can combine this with a visit to the waterfalls of Iguazu and / or end with a beach stay in Brazil or Uruguay. The Christmas holiday is a suitable travel period to travel to Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia as well, possibly in combination with Antarctica (remember that for some polar voyages a minimum age applies). If you want to travel during the Christmas period, keep in mind that this is the busiest period of the year. In this case, we advise you to book such a trip at least 9 months before departure!

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