Bolivia cities

La Paz and Sucre are the most famous cities in Bolivia. La Paz is the seat of government and executive capital while Sucre is the constitutional capital. Both cities have their own charm.

Mysterious past in La Paz

La Paz is, at an altitude of about 3600 meters, one of the highest cities in the world. The city, with about 1 million inhabitants, is located in a gorge and is surrounded by the high Altiplano. You will take a flight back in time to a mysterious past. On every corner and in every street you will find 'hidden treasures'; the indigenous, colonial and modern buildings, the Indian Market, the witch markets and breathtaking panoramas. Everything with the majestic 'Illimani' mountain in the background. Be sure to visit the Plaza Murillo, formerly Plaza de Armas, which is named after General Murillo, a Bolivian fighter for independence. At the viewpoint 'Mirador Laikakota' you have a beautiful view of La Paz and Mount Illimani. La Paz is the seat of the legislature. On the contrary to what many people think, La Paz is not the capital of Bolivia.

University City of Sucre

The constitutional capital of Bolivia is Sucre. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful historical cities of South America with a rich colonial history. The beautiful center of Sucre was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage in 1991. The city is located at an altitude of more than 2700 meters and has attractive average temperatures all year round. It is therefore rarely very hot or very cold here. The name Sucre comes from the freedom fighter with the same name, who, together with Simon Bolivar, freed Bolivia from 300 years of Spanish domination. The city is also known as Ciudad Blanca, or 'white city', because of its white buildings. Sucre has one of the oldest universities in the world, which also makes this city a lively student city. In short, you will find a lot of nature, culture and history here.

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