When to go on holiday to Bolivia

The best time to travel to Bolivia is all year round. The country is characterized by a very varied climate, thanks to the great variety of landscapes and altitudes.

In short:

  • The high mountains: May to December
  • Lowlands: all year round

The most important things to take into account

  • You can visit Bolivia all year round;
  • The country is situated in the southern hemisphere so the seasons in Bolivia are exactly opposite to the seasons in Europe;
  • May to December are the best months to visit Bolivia because of the sunny days and crystal clear skies;
  • Summer in Bolivia is at the same time as the rainy season, local downpours could occur;
  • In the highlands it can considerably cooldown in the morning, in the evening and at night with temperatures to freezing point.

The best time to travel to Bolivia when travelling with children

As mentioned before, May till September is the best travel period for Bolivia. In this period you will have spring break and summer holidays in Europe. It is also possible to travel to Bolivia during the Christmas holidays, although there might be a downpour more often because of the rainy season. Visit together with your children Lake Titicaca, where you can get acquainted with the indigenous Quechua and Aymara people on the islands and the shores around the lake.

Would you like to visit Bolivia?

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