Beach-side paradise in Brazil

The land of the beaches

Pearl white and pristine beaches that merge into the azure blue sea. If you are a beach lover, Brazil is the ideal destination for you. Whether you are looking for endless miles of sandy beaches or hidden coves with small idyllic beaches, Brazil has it all. The best part is that most beaches are easy to visit all year round. Of course you know the famous sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana and Ipanema. Beautiful beaches in the middle of the city, which are visited by thousands of people every year. Brazil also has countless large and small enchantingly beautiful sandy beaches, where you will be all alone. Let us help you choose the most beautiful beach that best suits your wishes.

Beaches in the north of Brazil

From the far north of Brazil to the southernmost tip you will find idyllic beaches. The state of Ceará is located in the north, with Fortaleza as its capital. Outside the city there are many pristine beaches to discover. One of the most beautiful places in the north is Jerioacoara. Jeri, as the village is often affectionately called, was discovered in the 70's by hippies, artists and hobbyists. Although it has become better known in recent years, it has managed to retain its charm as a small fishing village. Let yourself be charmed by the most spectacular sunset you will ever see and enjoy a fresh cocktail while lying on one of the many white sandy beaches.

Beaches in central Brazil

In the middle of Brazil you will find the state of Bahia. The inland is rough and an excellent place for hikers and adventurers. On the coast you will find beautiful beaches. One of those beaches is Praia do Forte. A quiet paradise located 80 km from Salvador de Bahia, where the preservation of the surrounding nature is very important. At the village you will find twelve kilometres of pristine beaches, which are surrounded by coconut palms, rivers, lagoons, coral reefs and an azure blue sea. The area owes its nickname to this "Brazilian Polynesia". In the waters near Praia Do Forte you can find great dive sites. And you can enjoy sailing and windsurfing. Near the village lies a protected nature reserve, which is considered a breeding ground for sea turtles.

The southern part of the state of Bahia is still untouched. Here you will find miles of long, white beaches as a barrier between the azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the clear green of dense forests. The coastal town of Trancoso is an absolute must. Trancoso is seen as the place where the term 'barefoot luxury' was invented.

Beaches in the south of Brazil

For beaches in the south, it is best to go to the coast of the province of Santa Catarina. Here you will find, among others, Praia do Rosa. The bays here are surrounded by hills, lagoons and islands where the indigenous forests and crystal clear waters form a beautiful picture. Because humpback whales come here between July and November to give birth to their young, it is a protected area. Praia do Rosa is known for its relaxed, yet elegant, atmosphere. Many hippies, surfers and fishermen used to live here. Nowadays, it is one of the many hidden gems that Brazil is rich in. You can enjoy the sun, sea, beach and / or go out and make a beautiful walk, or a boat trip or visit one of the nearby beaches.

About 100 kilometres north is the exclusive hotel Ponta dos Ganchos situated. There are only 25 bungalows in this beautiful location, in the middle of a breathtaking landscape. The perfect place to enjoy a well-deserved holiday to the fullest!

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