São Paulo

The New York of the southern hemisphere

São Paulo, the beating heart of the Brazilian and South American economies! Most travellers fly directly to other destinations in the country. However, for lovers of cities it is an absolute recommendation to stay here a little longer.

São Paulo

São Paulo was founded in 1554 and remained relatively small until about 1870. Eventually, the city grew to become the largest city in South America! Because of the favourable economic climate, many immigrants from all parts of the world found their way to this metropolis. This made São Paulo a fascinating melting pot of the most diverse cultures. Residents of São Paulo are also called Paulistas. Paulistas work hard, but know what relaxing is during their free time. In São Paulo you will find many good restaurants and nightlife.

Did you know that São Paulo has the most helicopters in the air?

After all, it is faster and mainly safer to get there by helicopter. Wealthy people use the helicopter for business or to go to the beach, 80 km away. Banks also make frequent use of helicopters for money transport. Of course, the police also use them for patrols.

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