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You may not immediately think of traveling Brazil by car and that is a pity, because there are so many beautiful routes to drive. The roads are generally in perfect condition and the landscapes are varied. There are routes where one breathtaking view is interspersed with an even more spectacular view while you are driving from one picturesque village to another. Villages that you would probably never have visited in a different way of traveling. We are happy to tell you about the most beautiful car routes from our own experience.

Self-drive holidays in Brazil with Sapa Pana Travel

Johan, founder of Sapa Pana Travel, always likes to talk about his driving experiences in Brazil. With his Dutch car he made several road trips in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and of course Brazil. All together he drove over 70,000 km in South America. There are countless possibilities when it comes to self-drive itineraries in Brazil. The Transamazonica and the Costa Verde are special, but also in the country's far south you can find amazing routes!

Our trips are tailor-made, fully customized to your personal wishes. If you wish to do self-drive as part of your luxury trip to Brazil, please do not hesitate to contact us. Petra, our travel specialist, is born and raised in Brazil! As a child, she traveled a lot by car with her parents. And even now when she goes back to 'her' country, traveling by car makes her discovering beautiful new locations in the best possible way.

As you can read, we ourselves have a huge passion for driving, and many routes in Brazil  we have actually driven ourselves. Would you like to know our favorite routes in Brazil? Would you like to enjoy a self-drive holiday in Brazil and would you like this trip to be organized by Sapa Pana Travel, so that you can make advantage of our expertise and our strong and reliable network on site? Then contact us. We take your wishes as a starting point and based on our expertise we will advice you. Together we design your ideal trip to Brazil.

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