Lakes and volcanoes in Chile

Impenetrable primeval forests and deep blue lakes

Enjoy the vast, mostly impenetrable forests, crystal clear rivers and deep blue lakes in the lake district. A special region for nature and outdoor sports lovers, especially fly-fishing. In addition, this is the land of the Araucanos or Mapuche culture.

The Lake District of Chile

The Lake District of Chile is located in the region 'La Araucanía' and 'Los Lagos'. The lake district has 12 large lakes and certainly the same number of smaller lakes with rivers, waterfalls, forests, thermal springs, the Andes Mountains and 6 volcanoes, with the volcano Villarica as the highest (2,847 metres). It is a sparsely populated region with a northern European climate. The summers can be very pleasant here. A special region for nature and outdoor sports lovers, especially for fly fishing. The landscape here is sometimes compared to Switzerland. It certainly has common ground, but it still has its own identity.

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