Chile self-drive

Carretera Austral and other amazing routes

"Driving is the ultimate way to discover an area. You not only visit the so-called highlights, but also have the opportunity to experience surprisingly beautiful places and interesting encounters in between," says Johan, founder of Sapa Pana Travel. Chile is one of the best countries in the world to discover by car.

Explore Chile by car

Chile is the country of choice for a self-drive holiday. The infrastructure is good and the country has many scenic roads to offer. There is enough petrol available and above all it is a safe country. Drive in the north of Chile through the Atacama desert, drive a route through the Chilean Lake District or explore Torres del Paine by car, it's all possible! Because we have explored much of South America by car ourselves, including Chile, our travel advice will be based on our own experience and in this way we can also inform you about the roads less travelled. The best kept secret for a self-drive trip in Chile is without a doubt the Chilean Carretera Austral!

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