Chilean wines

Chilean wines and culinary enjoyment

Chilean wines are loved all over the world. And with its sun-drenched warm climate and fertile soil, you can make a wonderful tour in the wine regions of Chile. Visit the best wineries, enjoy a wine-tasting and a delicious dinner in the evening.

Chile, wine country of excellence

When, in the 19th century, it became clear that the soil and climate were excellent for growing grapes, wealthy Chileans migrated to Europe in search of interesting grape varieties and to develop their knowledge. From the 1980s onwards, wine exports from Chile increased enormously. The country is now one of the most important wine exporting countries in the world. Chile has a total of 14 wine regions, the two best known being the Colchagua valley and the Maipo valley.

The Maipo valley is close to Santiago, and from the capital you can drive there in less than an hour. The Colchagua valley is about 180 kilometres from Santiago. Here, Cabernet, Carmenère, Syrah and Malbec wines of world class are produced.

Travel through Chile?

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